DEGA – Degasser

The degasser is a machine that is used for the extraction of the volatile parts present inside the product, by means of a controlled vacuum system
Its purposes depend on the type of product and process of the production plant, such as:

  • Standardization of milk quality in its odor or concentration.
  • Aroma extractor for fruit juices.

The product enters from the upper part of the tank, is distributed on its walls with a tangential inclination, so as to create a laminar flow. This allows the volatile part of the product to separate and thanks to the controlled vacuum system inside the tank, to be removed from the tank. The volatile parts, gases and odors extracted from the vacuum created by the liquid ring pump, if required, can be cooled by a multi-tube exchanger.
The product is then discharged from the tank via the centrifugal pump mod. FCA, which automatically maintains the constant level.

The operator can set the degasser in 5 stages using panel buttons, these are: sanitization, preparation, production, production end and washing.

The washing configuration provides timed switching of the pneumatic valves to allow effective cleaning of all lines. The washing can be managed through clean contacts, by a possible C.I.P. system present in the plant, allowing it to be implemented on existing lines without making major changes to the production plant.

Standard component
Constant level AISI304 stainless steel tank
Sanitary centrifugal pump for product relaunch mod. FCA managed by inverter
Liquid ring vacuum pump controlled by inverter
Power and control management of an external feeding pump
Command and control board
AISI304 Stainless steel frame, with vertical perimetric structure for housing the connection
Optional component
Inverter control for external feeding pump
HMI touch screen panel
Shell and multi-tubes heat exchanger

Model Inlet Pressure
Vacuum Pressure
Max Temperature [°C]
All Models 1,0 ÷ 3,0 -0,9 +95
(higher on request)
Modello Flow Rate [L/h] Electropump FCA [kW] Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump [kW] Capacity of Tank [L] Automation
DEGA500 300 – 500 1,1 0,37 50 Standard / Auto
DEGA1000 600 – 1.000 1,5 0,55 50 Standard / Auto
DEGA3000 2.000 – 3.000 2,2 0,75 100 Standard / Auto
DEGA5000 4.000 – 5.000 3 1,1 150 Standard / Auto
DEGA10000 6.000 – 10.000 4 1,5 200 Standard / Auto
DEGA15000 11.000 – 15.000 5,5 2,2 250 Standard / Auto
DEGA20000 16.000 – 20.000 7,5 3 300 Standard / Auto
DEGA25000 21.000 – 25.000 9 4 400 Standard / Auto
DEGA30000 26.000 – 30.000 11 5,5 500 Standard / Auto