SPAR – Spare parts

All request for spare parts must be sent via e-mail to:
By following these simple steps:

1. Recognition Machine:
The first thing to do is to recognize the machinery throught the appropriate FDB plate, then indicate in the e-mail: model , serial number, job order reference. Or attach a photo of the plate in the e-mail.


2. Description of malfunction / problem:

  • Is needed a description of the machine problem, and if you have an idea of which component could be damaged, please also indicate that.
  • In the event that the origin of the problem or the problem itself is not known, a video can be sent for a minimun duration of 4-5 minutes in which you film what happens in the machine, describing how the significant data in the indicators vary, for example: change in pressure, temperature etc.

3. In the case of older machinery that has already identified the damage component to be replaced, it is recommended to attach a photo of the component to the request, flanked by a metric cord so that is it possible to understand its dimensions.

4. Manual and flow chart:
If possibile, it would be useful to provide an indication of the component to be replaced in the machinery manual and in the flow chart available to you, as shown in the photo below.

Example of the spare parts page of an FDB manual