PHEX – Plate Heat Exchangers

Plate exchangers are the more efficient and approriate exchanger for the food industry. They are suitable for food product non to much viscous as water, milk, beer etc. 

The most important informations to design a plate heat exchanger are: the fluids involved in the exchange, the flow rate and temperature of inlet and outlet of the product and flow rate and temperature inlet (or outlet) of the process fluid (like water, steam etc).

Plate Heat Exchanger

Structure, dimension and number of state depends on the specific application and performance required.
We design and optimize the plate exchanger specifically for your application.
Other customizations can be added.

The AISI316 stain steel garantees the suitability of the machine for the food industry. AISI304 can be used for water or other process fluids (not food product). The thickness of the plate depends on the differential pressure of the 2 side. The gasket material depends on the fluids involved. A wider range of the products are offered.

It is reported a summary table of each possible products with some technical addition detail. The legend is reported before of the table.


G=glued L=locked N=NBR, NBR/HT E=EPDM V=VITON
316L=AISI316L 316=AISI316 304=AISI304 Ti=Titanium DW=Double wall
FF=Free flow


Frame Model Plate Surface (m2) Plate Port (mm) Plate Materials Gasket Material—
Gasket Locking
Double wall / Free flow
FDB030 0,030 32 316 N/E—G  
FDB037 0,037 29 316L/Ti N/E/V—L DW
FDB046 0,046 32 316L N/E/V—L  
FDB047 0,047 28 304/316L/Ti N/E/V—L  
FDB060 0,060 nd 316 N/E—G  
FDB070 0,070 29 316 N/E/V—G  
FDB075 0,075 29 316L/Ti N/E/V—L  
FDB080 0,080 nd 316 N/E—L  
FDB085 0,085 nd 316 N/E—G  
FDB090 0,090 40/42 316/Ti N/E—L DW
FDB093 0,093 56 316L/Ti N/B/V—L  
FDB115 0,115 50 316L N/E/V—L  
FDB120 0,120 67 304/316 N/E—G DW
FDB130 0,130 67 304/316/Ti N/E/V—L/G DW
FDB135 0,135 55 304/316/Ti N/E/V—G  
FDB0150 0,150 56 316L/Ti N/E/V—L DW
FDB169 0,169 56 304/316L/Ti N/E/V—L DW
FDB180 0,180 67 304/316 N/E/V—G  
FDB210 0,120 56 316L/Ti N/E/V—L  
FDB240 0,240 100 304/316L/Ti N/E/V—L DW
FDB260 0,26 78/105 304/316/Ti N/E/V—L/G DW
FDB400 0,400 100 304/316L/Ti N/E/V—L  
FDB440 0,44 105 304/316/Ti N/E/V—L/G DW
FDB460 0,46 105 316L N/E/V—L FF
FDB500 0,500 100 304/316L/Ti N/E/V—L DW
FDB550 0,55 nd 304/316/Ti N/E/V—L/G  
FDB640 0,64 nd 304/316/Ti N/E/V—G