THEX – Tube heat exchangers

The important information for sizing a tubular exchanger are:

  • The fluids involved in the exchange and therefore their physical  specifications: density, specific heat, conductivity and the dynamic viscosity.
  • The flow rates and the inlet / outlet temperatures of the product (internal side) and of the exchange fluid (shell side).

Structure, diameters, lengths, exchange surface and number of modules depend on the application and performance required.
The tubular exchangers are entirely made of stainless steel and are intended for food use.
We design and optimize the tubular exchangers specifically for your application, other customizations can be added.

Below is a table of the basic components and the optional of the tube heat exchangers.

Frame in stainless steel AISI304, complete with slots for N° modules and with feet in AISI304 with adjustable height
Series of tubular modules with corrugated surface
Insulation for tubular heat exchanger lined with stainless steel