FDB Italia

FDB ITALIA is a longstanding Italian company that has been operating since 1976 in the design, construction and installation of machinery and complete systems for the dairy and beverage sector. The passion, professionalism and know-how acquired over the years have made FDB ITALIA a leader in the sector. Since 90s it has expanded its markets by exporting the “Made in Italy” all over the world and establishing itself with professionalism and competitiveness. Always attentive to improvement and technological research, FDB ITALIA can boast high quality standards in the construction of its machinery and guarantees the customer an efficient and reliable service. With a complete service in the design phase, FDB ITALIA builds single machines, parts of plants or complete “turnkey” systems for the production of fresh milk, UHT milk, yoghurt, cheeses, mozzarella, ricotta, cream, butter, semi-artisan and industrial ice cream, from the simplest to the automatic solutions, even with remote management systems and integration with the factory supervisor for industry 4.0.


Industrial plant for the treatment of: – 10.000 litres/shift – 1.200 litres/hour of cow milk or recombined milk from powders and flavours, for the production

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