UHTS – Sterilizers UHT

Managed by PLC on HMI with 12 “color touch-screen LCD screen from which it is possible to check the status of the valves, the status of the pumps, the percentage of opening of the modulating valves, the temperatures, the pressures in real time on P&ID. instantaneous flow rate, processed product volumes, tank level, plc status, etc. 10 production recipes are available. In each recipe it is possible to set the temperatures, the instant flow rate, manage any bypass (optional), alarms and many other parameters.

The operator has the possibility of configuring the sterilizer in sanitizing with hot water in recirculation, in temperature stabilization before production, in production with automatic request of the product, at the end of production with total emptying of the product, in cooling / shutdown and in wash.

The end-of-production sequence provides for total emptying by pushing with water, designed to reduce product losses to a minimum. 1 washing recipe is available (remotely). 

In each recipe it is possible to set the temperatures, the instant flow rate and manage any bypass. Furthermore the system can be controlled in “manual / semi-automatic” mode, in which the operator can force / activate / deactivate / modify the P&ID components.

This mode is mainly used to act as appropriate in the event of unforeseen events but allows an experienced operator to conduct completely independently of automation.

Moreover with the following features:

  • U.H.T. (ultra high temperature) sterilizer with indirect exchange steam/water/product
  • Sterilization stage with multi-tubes heat exchanger.
  • Water/product recovery >76%
  • Digital recording and automatic adjusting of sterilization temperature
  • Digital recording and automatic adjusting of outlet temperature, cooling
  • Digital recording of pressure and automatic adjusting of back-pressure
  • Digital recording and automatic adjusting of flow
  • Automatic leel on tank, with remote pump control
Costant level tank
Centrifugal sanitary pump 
Plates / plates + multi-tubes / multi-tubes heat exchanger 
Automatic unit for sterilization and outlet temperature control 
Automatic unit for flow and back-pressure regulation
Rectilinear holding pipe
Automatic unit for hot water circulation and heating through steam
Automatic unit for cooling with water
Automatic unit for potable water loading, for plant preparation and total emptying 
Command and control board
Stainless steel skid with height-adjustable feet
Structure with housed connections
High pressure homogenizer
Connection line for fixed / variable flow homogenizer with automatic sterilizer
Automatic group automatic washing unit for recirculation
HMI web server, remote management