Rotary 700BA-5

The machine has 5 operating stations and has an electromechanic, pneumatic-assisted functioning.
The packaging machine is completed with height-adjustable feet or wheels and it is realized in AISI304.
The capacity of the machine is from 500 to 700 bottle/hour for size from 500 ml to 1000 ml. Production capacity is in relation to the productivity of the operator, dosing quantity, to the product density, type and size of bottle and installed optionals.
For example:
~700 bottles/hour* with 500 ml bottles, or smaller
~500 bottles/hour* with 1.000 ml bottles.
The machine is equipped with volumetric dosing system.


Loading/unloading carouselDosing station with 2 nozzles
Where the operator places empty bottles and takes filled bottles. The carousel transports empty bottles inside the machine and extracts filled bottles. Bottles loading and unloading is done in the same of the machine and can be performed by one operator.Equipped with volumetric filling system. The dosing product quantity is adjustable,till 1000ml

The options can be applied in some specific stations which are free if any option is installed. Short description helps to understand better how it works.

Cap storage/application station
(station 3)
Screwing station
(station 4)
Date stamp, printing on bottle station
(station 5)
Where the operator places the ordered caps on the chute. A slide for ordered caps positions the caps with precision and speed on the bottles.Equipped with a constant couple screwing system with force of adjustable clamping. During the cap screwing the bottle is securely blocked by an anti-rotation device.Intermittent pneumatic type with indelible ink and rubber modular numbers. To print the date on bottle caps.
Labeling stationDigital electro-magnetic flow meters (for liquid)
For the automatic application of self-adhesive wrap-around labels on cylindrical body of the bottles.The product quantity dosing can be set up from control panel.
Bottles washing and Rinsing NozzlesAluminum/polycarbonate panels with safety microswitchC.I.P Washing Inlet/Resend Station


Some additional details about size, weight and consumption of the packing machine.

DimensionPower Consumption
1200x600x1300h mm1.5 kW
Net WeightAir Consumption
190 kg200 Nl/min at 6 bar