Lineary 4500BAW-8

Lineary 4500BAW is an automatic lineary packaging machine for dense and liquid alimentary products (yoghurt, milk etc) in PE/PET/HDPE/Glass bottles with heat-sealed aluminum foil lid (optional) and screw cap (optional). Extremely versatile, strong and easy to use, completely managed by PLC with “soft touch” control board, it can pack till 4500 bottle per hour. The packing machine can be equipped with multiple standard stations.

The machine has 8 operating stations and has an electromechanic, pneumatic-assisted functioning.
It is completed with aluminum/polycarbonate panels with safety microswitch, height-adjustable
feet or wheels and it is realized in AISI304.
The capacity of the machine is from 1500 to 4500 bottles/hour. Production capacity is in relation to the productivity of the operator, dosing quantity, to the product density, type and size of cups, type of lids and installed optional.

For example:
~4500 bottles/hour with 200 ml bottles, or smaller,
~3500  bottles/hour with 500 ml bottles, or smaller,
~3000 bottles/hour with 1000 ml bottles,
~1500 bottles/hour with 2000 ml bottles.
The machine is equipped with digital electro-magnetic flow meters, for a great accuracy,
and a bottles washing and drying whirl. The whirl turns upside down the bottles, it washes inside the bottles with disinfectant jets in pressure, rinses with UV rays sterilized water jets and dries them though compressed micro-filtered air.


Loading/ unloading whirlBottle washing, Rising drying whirlDosing Station with 5 nozzles
Where the operator places empty bottles and takes filled bottles. The whirl transports empty bottles inside the machine and extract filled bottles. Bottles loading and unloading is done in the same of the machine and can be performed by one operator.With bottles tilting system, washing with disinfectant solutions in recirculation, rinsing with U.V. rays sterilized water and drying with micro-filtered compressed airEquipped with product loading hopper with level probes, connections for C.I.P. washing and filling system with digital electro-magnetic flow meters. The dosing product quantity is adjustable from control panel, till 2.000 ml.
Caps Store/Apply StationScrewing whirl with 4 spindles
Where the operator places the caps in bulk. A vibrating orientation system and slide for tidied caps, positions the caps with precision and speed on the bottleEquipped with a constant couple screwing system with force of adjustable clamping. During the cap screwing the bottle is strongly blocked by a anti-rotation device.

The options can be apply in some specific stations which are free if any option is installed. Short description helps to understand better how it works.

Aluminum coil/apply station (station 4)UV-C lamps on caps SlideThermosealer (station 5)
For aluminum lids obtained from coil.For the U.V. rays sterilization of capsWith bronze heated head and compensation springs. Welding temperature is controlled from the control panel
Caps Elevator/LoaderC.I.P Washing Inlet/Resend StationLabelling Station
Complete with hopper and conveyor belt. To load cups from “floor height” directly into the vibrating orientation hopper.With computer and printing head. To print the date at any point of the bottleComplete with hopper and conveyor belt. To load cups from “floor height” directly into the vibrating orientation hopper.
Touch Screen Control PanelC.I.P Washing Inlet/Resend StationVolumetric flow meters (for dense product)
Hepa Air Filtration System
Complete of hermetic panels, to inject steril filtered air into the machine.