DEGA – Vacuum liter-counters

DEGA – Vacuum liter-counters

The product flow is aspirated in the deareator tank through the vacuum generated by a compressed air ejector and injected with a tangential inclination to the walls in order to create a laminar flow. The volatile part of the product is withdrawn out through the vacuum suction system.
The processing level/flow is maintained constant by an inverter driven centrifugal pump, which provides to send the product to a electro-magnetic flow meter.
The working principle ensures high performance combined with high measurement accuracy. In fact, the deareator works in vacuum and it facilitates the expansion of air bubbles and the following separation by surfacing.
Furthermore, the pump, placed downstream the deareator, generates a pressure jump that compresses the residual micro-bubbles minimizing the measuring error made by the flowmeter, placed downstream of the pump.

The operator can set the litres-counter in 4 stages using panel buttons: preparation, production, production end and washing.

The washing configuration provides timed switching of the pneumatic valves to allow effective cleaning of all lines. The washing can be managed through clean contacts, by a possible C.I.P. system present in the plant, allowing it to be implemented on existing lines without making major changes to the production plant.

Standard component
Constant level AISI304 stainless steel tank
Sanitary centrifugal pump for product relaunch mod. FCA managed by inverter
Digital electro-magnetic flow meter
Compressed air ejector for the production of vacuum
Command and control board with printer
Stainless steel skid with height-adjustable feet
Optional component
Alimentary flexible pipe for receiving from truck tank
Tank for receiving from bins
Plates heat exchanger
Liquid ring vacuum pump controlled by inverter
HMI touch screen panel
Remote control

ModelInlet Pressure
Vacuum Pressure

Max Temperature[°C]

All Models0-0,85+95
(higher on request)
ModelFlow Rate [L/h]Electropump FCA [kW]Capacity of Tank [L]Automation
300 – 9001,150/147Automatic / Semi-automatic
1.000 – 2.5001,5100/196Automatic / Semi-automatic
3.000 -4.0002,2150/246Automatic / Semi-automatic
4.500 – 5.5003200/353Automatic / Semi-automatic
6.000 -10.0004250/424Automatic / Semi-automatic
11.000 -18.5005,5300/481Automatic / Semi-automatic
19.000 -27.5007,5400/578Automatic / Semi-automatic
28.000 -39.0009,2500/754Automatic / Semi-automatic