Batch Pasteurizers

This configuration avoids high pressure drops and controls the pasteurization process with greater flexibility. They can provide a continuous flow of incoming and outgoing product, easily managing the pasteurization maintenance time.
This flexibility offers the possibility of processing many different products and obtaining the best quality. Batch Pasteurizer can be equipped with multiple tanks that work in parallel to provide a continuous flow.
The number of tanks required depends on the time required to reach the pasteurization temperature and the physical properties of the fluid. Small tanks require shorter heating times. Heating and cooling are supplied to the product through a jacket around the pasteurization tank and the product is continuously mixed through a stirrer inside it. There is a relationship between the volume of the tanks and the flow rate provided and is shown in the following table.
The minimum number of tanks is 2. For special requirements it is possible to provide a higher flow rate with small tanks.

Volume of each Tank [L]Flow rate [L/h]