HTST – Pasteurizer HTST

H.T.S.T means high temperature short time. It can be pasteuriser lots of products like milk, several juice, wine and other fluid foodstuff.

The pasteurization is a process to reduce the bacteria through the use of high temperature. The HTST pasteurization use high temperature for short time instead a smaller one for a long time. The process of pasteurization require at least 3 phase: sanification (or sterilization), production and washing.

The  sanification is a washing of all pipes, connection and heat exchanger with hot water to get a sterilize environment.
The production of the pasteurized product required 3 step: the heating until pasteurization temperature, holding time and the cooling. F.D.B. provides a technology with permits to save lots of energy exploiting the recovery of calories of pasteurized milk and water at different temperature if available in the final plant. For heating and cooling are used usually water.
The washing phase provides at high flow rate of water mixed with sodium hydroxide around the machine in order to remove all waste which can be remain inside.
These 3 phase are continuous and has to be manage depending on level of automation of the machine.
The HTST pasteurizer is equipped with several safety control to avoid possible contamination and ensure the pasteurization of product.
The machine is preassembled on stainless steel platform and it is composed by , plate heat exchange, 3 pump, holding tube, a little process tank, command board and several valve and sensor.

It is reported a general useful  detail about the flow rate and power consumed(or installed) by the machine. The flow rate depends on  the viscosity of the product. The higher value of flow rate for each model is achieved with milk or water.

Model NameFlow Rate [L/h]Power installed [kW]
HTST 0500300 – 5002.6
HTST 1000600 – 1.0003.5
HTST 30002.000 – 3.0004.6
HTST 50004.000 – 5.0006.4
HTST 100006.000 – 10.0008.7
HTST 1500011.000 – 15.00011.5
HTST 2000016.000 – 20.00015.5
HTST 2500021.000 – 25.00021.0
HTST 3000026.000 – 30.00026.0
HTST 3500031.000 – 35.00032.0

All pasteurizer can be equipped with different level of automation. The automation permits to avoid the waste of energy and materials and to save money related to workers.
It can coordinate different phase itself with maximum efficient and switch the valve at right time to save more material.
It permits to connect and synchronize  different machine in input or output with pasteurizer. Several recipes can be setted and memorized from the panel control.
The automation is offered in 4 different level: basic, light automatic, automatic and full automatic.

The features are summarized in the follow table:

FeaturesBasicLight Auto

Number of setup
1 setup for sanification 1 setup for production 1 setup for washing1 setup for sanification 1 setup for production 1 setup for washing
Controller and InterfacesDigital recorder on DF with LCD displayDigital recorder on DF with LCD display (5.7/7″)
Accessories/Notebook for remote assistance
Alarms and Events/Real time alarm
Others notes//
FeaturesAutomaticFull Automatic
Number of setup1 setup for sanification 5 setup for production 1 setup for washing2 setup for sanification 10 setup for production 2 setup for washing
Controller and InterfacesDigital recorder on DF with LCD display (7/9″)Digital recorder on DF with LCD display (17/19″)
AssistanceNotebook for remote assistance and web serverComplete remote assistance integrated
Alarms and Events RecordsReal time alarm and Books of alarmsReal time alarm, Books of alarm and events
Others notes/Valve position and sensor of position of valves