Vertical 2400PA

The machine is designed to work in environments classified as “aggressive” due to the presence of high humidity, condensation, and others which would otherwise cause a rapid decay of the mechanical components. It is realized in AISI304. It is complete with aluminum/polycarbonate panels with safety microswitch and height-adjustable feet.
The production capacity is in relation to the dosing quantity, to the product density, type and material and shape of bobbin and installed optionals.

For example:
~2.200 bags/hour* with 250 ml bags, or smaller
~2.000 bags/hour* with 500 ml bags
~1.800 bags/hour* with 1.000 ml bags, or smaller

“Ermetic box” frame type in AISI304 and protected against dusts and liquids infiltrations.
“Box Motion” cross welding unit with “ups and downs” movement controlled by a brushles motor. Forming collar in AISI304, easily interchangeable.
“Hot bar” welding clamps with compressed air cooling system (to be confirmed after film sight) Coil holder with automatic centering, 400 mm max.
Ready for C.I.P. washing.

It is completed of:
– Tank with “overflow” regulation, electronic timer to control the opening of solenoid valve, product inserter pipe inside the collar. The dosing product quantity is adjustable from control panel.
– Printer

Some additional details about size, weight and consumption of the packing machine.

Dimension Power consumption
1.800 x 1.300 x 2.300h mm 2,5kW
Net weight Air consumption
~550Kg 60Nl/min 6 bar