Rotary 4000CA-8×2

The machine has 8 operating stations and has an electromechanic, pneumatic-assisted functioning. Each station as one function ( multiple dosing, labeling, get the top etc). More function permits to have a more flexible machine and packing more type of products.
The machine is equipped with a motorized rotating table, a volumetric filling station, it is realized in AISI304. Completed with AISI304 protection covers on the base,aluminium/polycarbonate panels with safety microswitch on the top and adjustable feet or wheels.
The capacity of the machine is till 4000 cups/hour. Production capacity is in relation to the productivity of the operator, dosing quantity, to the product density, type and size of cups, type of lids and installed optional.

For example:
~ 3.600 cups/hour* with 100 ml cups, or smaller.
~2.400 cups/hour* with 250 ml cups
~1.800 cups/hour* with 500 ml cups.

The basic stations present in rotary 4000CA are the follow in the “station” section.

6 of 8 double station are standardize. 2 remains free.

Double Containers Store/ Load Store Double Dosing Station Double Performed Lids Store/Apply Station
For preformed stack-able cups, with double-handling system, high-precision pliers and sucker. The station automatically load the cups on rotating table one by one Equipped with volumetric controlled dosing (no cup no dose). The dosing product quantity is adjustable from control panel, till 500 ml with rough mechanical regulation and fine regulation controlled by control panel. For preformed lids which are placed over the container with a mechanical sucking system.
Thermosealer Extraction Unit with Unloading Conveyor Belt L=500mm Date Stamp, Printing Station
With bronze heated head and compensation springs. Temperature regulation made from the control panel Mechanical thrust system, pusher and slide. On request, the conveyor belt is matchable with other transport conveyor belts. Intermittent pneumatic type, with indelible ink and rubber modular numbers. To print the date on bottle caps

The others 2 free station can be customize with maximun 2 of the follow option.
The options can be apply in some specific stations which are free if any option is installed. Short description helps to understand better how it works.

Size Charger Kit Additional Dosing Station Snap-On Caps/Apply station
For cups with different diameter, with heat-sealed aluminium foil lid. Operation of change can be made in half an hour. This option does not fill a free station. The dosing product quantity is adjustable till 50 ml. Product is loaded its bin by a flexible pipe. For preformed stack-able snap-on (covers), which are placed over the container, with double-handling system, high precision pilers and sucker.
Product Loading Hopper 25 Litres UV-C Lamp on preformed Lids Slide UV-C Lamps on Cups Loader
It can equipped with automatic regulation for the production phase and also for washing phase For lids sterilization with U.V. ray. For cups sterilization with U.V. rays.
Ink Jet Date Stamp, Prinnting Station High Volume External Dosing Station C.I.P. Washing Inlet/Resend Station
With computer and printing head. To print the date at any point on the container Equipped with product loading hopper 10 litres with cover, and volumetric dosing. The dosing product quantity is adjustable till 1.000 ml, with mechanical regulation. Composed by process tank and centrifugal electropump to provide a water flow rate for the washing of machine.

Some additional details about size, weight and consumption of the packing machine.

Dimension Power Consumption
1.800 x 2.300 x 1.900h mm 4,3 kW single phase (3 phase on request)
Net Weight Air Consumption
~480 Kg 600 Nl/min at 6 bar