AHEX – Continuos Cooling Units

 The operator can set the machine in 3 production phases using panel buttons, these are: preparation, production and washing.
The washing configuration provides timed switching of the pneumatic valves to allow effective cleaning of all lines.

The washing can be managed through clean contacts, by a possible C.I.P. system present in the plant, allowing it to be implemented on existing lines without making major changes to the production plant.

Plate type heat exchanger
(sized in relation to the product and thermal efficiency)
Automatic adjustment for outlet temperature 
Flow rate and counter pressure regulation unit 
(automatic or non-automatic)
Automatic cooling group with cold water
Command and control panel 
(standard or automatic) 
Stainless steel platform complete with height-adjustable feet
Loading line from truck tank with flexible hose
Volumetric liter counter unit with vacuum control system
Inverter for external product loading pump management
Touch screen panel – HMI