Triblender semi-open impeller sanitary centrifuges, TFCA series
Triblender semi-open impeller sanitary centrifuges, TFCA series

Semi-open impeller sanitary centrifugal triblenders for mixing in recirculation of powders and food liquids, also abrasive and corrosive.
The parts in contact with the product are made of AISI316L while the non contact parts are made of AISI304. Complete with stainless steel motor casing and adjustable height feet.

The powders are introduced into the tramway while the liquid enters the upper part of the mixing chamber, giving the flow a cyclonic movement.
The impeller creates a depression such that the powders are sucked into the volute. The inlet flow rate and dust drop are adjustable via two sanitary butterfly valves.

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Version/m with flushed seal for high temperatures, and extremely abrasive, viscous and corrosive liquids
Connections with other unifications (CLAMPS, SMS. RJT, UDF, BSPT, EN1902, etc.)
Polished finishes (Ra<0.8µm)
Anti-vibration feet for floor installation 
Feet with fixing plates for installation on a frame
All modelsDIN11851+95°C (higher in version/m)Ceramic micro shot peening