Multi-purpose Bath

Multi-purpose bath permits to get a cheese from fresh milk. Both pasteurization and cheese making have been performed  in the same tank.

The fresh milk is been heated at 72°C for the pasteurization of the milk. Then it starts a cooling of the milk at 36°C where the cheese making process happened.
The Multi-purpose bath has been made on AISI304 with a crawl all around the tank to heat and cool the milk. The crawl is insulated to increase the energy efficiency. All different step of the process can be automatic and they can be manage from the control panel. The shape is cylindrical with a flat bottom.
There is the possibility to get a flag stirrer which works thanks to an inverter that control the rotation speed velocity. It can be provided a plant for the automatic loading, unloading, washing and heating/cooling to get a complete, automatic and optimized plant to produce the cheese.

FDB provides several size of the Multi-purpose bath which is reported in the followed table.

Capability of the Kettle-Cheese
300 L
600 L
1200 L
2000 L