Degaser is a machine with the purpose to avoid the bad smell of the millk. Smell derives  from the gas trapped in the liquid.

Gas is extracted as gas phase by the milk creating a vacuum in a tank where milk flow in contact with the wall. The liquid is distributed on the tank walls with a tangential inclination, so as to create a laminar flow.
Volatile parts, gases and odors are extracted by the vacuum created by the liquid ring pump and cooled by a multi-tubes exchanger. The product is discharged from the tank by means of the centrifugal pump, which automatically maintains the constant level in the tank.
The operator can set the degaser at production, at the end of production and at washing.The washing configuration provides timed switching of the pneumatic valves allowing effective cleaning of all lines.
Washing can be managed by your washing C.I.P. system.

Component delivered
Constant level tank 100 litres in steel AISI304
Centrifugal sanitary pump mod. FDB FCA15
Parts in contact with the product made in stainless steel AISI316L
Shell and multi-tubes heat exchanger Mod. Ø52×4Ø18, inspectable
Liquid ring vacuum pump 0,55 kW suited to obtain the depression inside the deodorizer
Maximum working/test pressure 10/16 bar
Command and control board
Stainless steel skid with height-adjustable feet
Technical documentation


Flow Rate [L/h]Electropump FCA Power [kW]Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Power [kW]Capacity of Tank [L]Automation