Rotary 900CS-4 Table Version
Rotary 900CS-4 Table Version

ROTARY 900CS is a semi-automatic rotary packaging machine for dense and liquid food products (yoghurt, milk etc) in PE/PET/PS cups with heat-sealed aluminum foil lid. Extremely versatile, strong and easy to use, completely managed by PLC with “soft touch” control board, it can pack till 900 cups per hour.

The capacity of the machine is from 500 to 900 cups/hour. Production capacity is in relation to the productivity of the operator, dosing quantity, to the product density, type and size of cups, type of lids and installed optionals.
The machine is equipped with a motorized rotating table, a volumetric filling station and it is realized in AISI304.
The operator loads the empty stacked cups on rotating table and preformed aluminum lids on cups (optional: on preformed lids storage / application station). The stations provide dosing the product to the set volume, position and thermoseal aluminum lids. The operator extracts filled cups.


Dosing Station Thermosealer
Where the operator places empty bottles and takes filled bottles. The whirl transports empty bottles inside the machine and extracts filled bottles. Bottles loading and unloading is done in the same machine and can be performed by one operator. With bottles tilting system, washing with disinfectant solutions in recirculation, rinsing with U.V. rays sterilized water and drying with micro-filtered compressed air


Performed Lids Storage/Application Station Date Stamp/Printing Station Size Changer Kit
For preformed lids which are placed over the container with a mechanical
suction system.
Intermittent pneumatic type, with indelible ink and rubber modular numbers. To print the date on bottle caps. For cups with different diameter, with heat-sealed aluminium foil lid. Changing operation can be made in a half an hour
  Touch Screen Control Panel  

Some additional details about size, weight and consumption of the packing machine.

Dimension Power Consumption
700x1200x900h mm 1,0 kW
Net Weight Air Consumption
70 kg 100 Nl/min at 6 bar