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Who We Are?

FDB is an italian hystoric company who works in the food Industry from 1976. We realise plant and equipment for the Food Industry. 
Our Core Business is  dairy-milk sector: , fresh milk, UHT, yoghurt, cottage cheese (ricotta), pasteurised milk, ice cream, butter, creams etc. We also provide plants and equipment for juice, beer, wine and other liquid food product.
We Design, Produce and Install all plants need to process the product, from the arrival to the final treated packed product.

FDB Italia Srl Via Della Tecnica 9, Malo (VI)

What We Produce

We design and provide a wide range of product  for our client. For example: HTST pasteuriser, plate and tubes heat exchanger, centrigugal electropump, self-priming pump, UHT pasteurisertank, C.I.P. (washing automation), degaser, homogenaizer, separator.
 All machines are combined to give yhe best solution for our client and his product quality saving.

Where we work

FDB srl works all around the word through local reseller and partner company.
In particular we work very often in Nord Africa, East Europe and Russia. We have worked also in Brazil, USA and Middle Eastern and in all Europe.

Our Story

The company FDB ITALIA, was found in 1976 by founders who came from a leader company which it is not no longer in the market, considered the forefather in Italy in the sector of equipment for dairy industry.
In those years the industrial fabric of the north-east of Italy, was enriched with multiple companies born from the same industrial reality.
These companies, some of which are still the market leader,  immediately began to specialize in specific products to meet the high market demand for machinery with high standards of quality and cutting edge.
This gave rise to a strong synergy between companies that began to work together to complete the offer and to meet the customer’s need for complex machinery and complete systems.

The FDB ITALIA company tooks its first steps producing sanitary pumps, food tanks and heat exchangers.
It immediately began a collaboration with Alfa Laval, now part of the Tetra Pack group, in which FDB ITALIA oversaw the installation of numerous plants in important Italian companies.


Year 1978

The production of FDB pasteurisers began as well as a close collaboration with other companies in the sector that began to sell this product with their own brand. In the following years began the construction of the first complete FDB heat treatment lines, increasingly accompanied by additional machinery both from internal production and from partner companies.

Year 1986

The first complete "turn-key" FDB system for the treatment of 10,000 liters/shift of milk and the production of multiple dairy products, such as fresh milk, cheese, mozzarella, ricotta, cream, butter, was made. It immediately started exporting FDB complete plants with even greater capacities for the Italian, European and World market, as well as for companies in the sector that began to sell them with their own brand.

Year 1992

The first complete HTST FDB heat treatment line of high capacity was developed, capable of processing up to 50,000 liters/hour, then expanded to 60,000 liters/hour and more, for an important Italian production plant, with which it exists today a collaboration.

Year 1996

The technical team of FDB ITALIA was strengthened to cope with community directives and this allowed the improvement of existing products and the development of new products, such as UHT sterilizers, special tanks, rotary filters, degassers, flow meters, centrifugal mixers, presses, exchangers pipe bundles etc .., with particular attention on the optimization of energy consumption.

Year 1999

FDB ITALIA received a prestigious award from the European Community for technological innovation aimed at energy efficiency.

Year 2002

Faced with the high demand of the foreign market, the offer of complete turnkey FDB plants was also extended with the export of technological know-how for the production of products with Italian quality also abroad. Among the various plants with know-how delivered in Europe and North Africa, one of the most successful was a plant for the production of up to 6,000 piece per year of "Grana Padano" type cheese in South America, a 4,000 liters / plant shift for milk, yoghurt, cheese, ricotta, whey-based drinks, ice-cream and butter and an 8,000-liter / shift plant for the production of European yoghurt in Central America. The export of pasteurisers and complete FDB heat treatment lines in the Russian countries was also strengthened. In the following years, Russia proved to be a strategic and stable market, with an average of over 30% of turnover.

Year 2003

It began the production of FDB packaging machines, first semi-automatic small capacity, then, in the following years, automatic, for bottles, jars, bags, proposing itself in the market with solid and efficient machinery, intended for small and medium production.

Year 2006

Energy efficiency technology was also introduced in the process lines of ice cream mixtures.

Year 2007

The first pasteurisers were made in compliance with the Australian market directives and the solutions for the production of spreadable cheeses.

Year 2008

The first completely automatic heat treatment lines were built, with remote management, the first automatic packaging machines and aseptic tanks for fermented products.

Year 2010

The first pasteurizers in compliance with the 3A directives for the US market were made.

Year 2011

The first automatic pasteurisers were produced for high-density products, such as pastry creams, cream, fermented, curds, syrups with a high solids content.

Year 2013

FDB ITALIA has since the beginning of its history produced machinery for the wine sector. However, the first high capacity automatic UHT sterilizer for wines and wine must was realized, destined to work 20,000 liters / hour on continuous shifts of 20 hours.

Year 2014

In collaboration with a market leader for dairy products, an automatic energy efficient line was produced to process concentrated milk.

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