CIPP – Automatic Washing Plant C.I.P.

CIP mean clean-in-place, these are industrial washing plants mainly intended for the food industry, which, by means of water and chemical solutions, make it possible to automatically wash the lines and machinery connected to them

The C.I.P. system uses an insulated tank divided in 2 compartment where the water are preheated by an outer heat exchanger. After a rinse with water, the preheated water are mixed continuously and automatically with concentrated solution to get basic and acid diluted solutions which clean at very high flow rate the plant.
Washing basic solution is followed by washing acid solution to guarantee the sanitation of the plant.
The cleaning process works at very high flow rate tanks to a centrifugal pump.
The basic and acid solution are circle back into the plant until they are exhausted.
Solution that has still a clean potential are circle back to the tank to be used next times.
An second tank (third compartment) can be used to store the rinse water which is recover from the previous washing cicle, otherwise the water is free discharged.
We design the CIP system based of the flow rate of the plant and it can be manage form own control panel or from the central control panel of plant.