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Fermented products
We design, manufacture and install plants and machinery to produce yogurt, kefir, sour cream, sour milk or other fermented or acidified products, natural or flavored.
We offer several packaging from the polyethylene bags, to any size of cups with thermowelded capsule.
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We use the term "complete plant" to mean the supply, installation, and start-up of all the machinery necessary for the new activity, the services required by both the machinery and production, and even the supply of packaging materials and raw materials for an initial period and technological start-up for first production (with transfer of know-how). In further detail:

• engineering, with the drafting of drawings that help clients both prepare the building for the installation of the machinery and check layout as required;
• a complete set of process machinery for the products requested;
• a complete set of ancillary machinery (steam generator, chilled water unit, CIP chemical washing unit, air compressor, laboratory analysis equipment, and finished product storage units, etc.)
• assembly at client premises;
• technical start-up of the entire system with training of client personnel.
• technological start-up with training of client personnel.

This allows the client to rely on just one single supplier responsible for the entire supply and makes all the client's work easier.
Complete plants are our leading strength. Thanks to the experience acquired by our staff, in fact, each and every detail receives the maximum specialized attention, from design to final start-up in order to provide the most complete satisfaction of the customer's needs.
Our complete systems can be supplied with daily outputs ranging from 500 to 50,000 liters at no compromise to the highest quality standards.
Construction on the basis of assembly plans approved by the client is a very important part of the pre-assembly phase and the final testing of the entire system at our workshop, which also includes checks on the pipelines, electrical and pneumatic systems.
Pre-assembly permits substantial savings in time and on-site assembly work in addition to permitting truly complete final testing conducted at our workshop to identify and correct possible defects in manufacture and make the improvements suggested by the test reports before shipping.


Complete plant for the processing of 10,000 liters of milk/day for the production of drinking yogurt in PET bottles and stirred fruit yogurt packaged in 125 g heat-sealed pots composed of the following sections:
• one 10,000 l capacity raw milk receiving, cooling and storage line;
• a 5,000 l/hr pasteurizer with forced pipe-in-pipe circulation at constant temperature with times adequate to the product requested, centrifugal separator with automatic discharge and high-pressure homogeniser. The pasteurizer unit supplied was equipped with all the systems specified in the CE Directives to ensure the efficacy of the thermal treatment provided for the maximum sanitation and hygiene of the final product;
• two 5,000 liter capacity maturing tanks with forced circulation cavity walls with screw agitator that sweeps the wall to obtain the most efficient heat exchange;
• one system for the fruit mixing and/or yogurt pumping or smoothing system;
designed for the installation of built-in washing system;
• one high-performance automatic linear packaging machine capable of packaging 4,000 pre-formed PS yogurt pots/hr with heat-sealed aluminum foil lid.
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