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Complete plant for the processing of 10,000 liters of milk daily for the production of drinking yogurt in bottles and stirred yogurt in heat-sealed pots

Complete the existing plant with a medium-high capacity multi-purpose production line capable of alternately producing drinking yogurt - using a packaging machine already working on site - and fruit yogurt in the classic heat-sealed pots for schools.
The client requested elevated standards of quality in the machinery and hygiene in the final product.
The client also wanted us to take plans for future expansion into account.

The design phase included the drafting of the following drawings that help clients both prepare the building for the installation of the machinery and check component positioning as required:
• layout with the division of space required for correct operation;
• layout indicating all the necessary masonry, such as access, drains, stacks, and water connections;
• layout of the electrical attachments for the various machines and calculations of the power necessary.
The plant was designed taking plans for a future increase in production into account.
The design project developed and completed included a system capable of processing 10,000 liters of milk daily, with the production of the following on alternate days:
• 10,000 liters of drinking yogurt packaged in PET bottles;
• up to 5,000 liters of stirred yogurt with the addition of fruit packaged in 125 g heat-sealed pots.
The plant supplied was composed of the following processing sections:
• a 10,000 liter capacity line for the receiving, cooling, and storage of raw milk;
• a 5,000 l/hr pasteurization line with forced pipe-in-pipe circulation at constant temperature with times adequate to the product requested, centrifugal cream separator with automatic discharge and high-pressure homogenizer. The pasteurizer supplied was equipped with all the systems specified in the CE Directives to ensure the efficacy of the thermal treatment provided for the maximum sanitation and hygiene of the final product;
• two 5,000 l/hr capacity maturing tanks with forced circulation cavity walls and screw agitator that sweeps the walls to obtain the most efficient heat exchange;
• a system for the blending of the fruit and/or the pumping or smoothing of the yogurt;
• a high-performance automatic linear packaging machine capable of packaging 4,000 pre-formed PS yogurt pots/hr with heat-sealed aluminum foil lid.
Construction on the basis of assembly plans approved by the client was a very important part of the pre-assembly phase and the testing of the entire system at our workshop, which also included the construction of the tubing, electrical and pneumatic systems.
This phase permitted considerable savings in assembly time and operations on site in addition to truly complete final testing conducted at our workshop to identify and correct possible defects in manufacture and make the improvements suggested by the test reports before proceeding to shipping.


A carefully-balanced plant in every component capable of processing the entire quantity of milk in extremely short times with exceptionally uniform characteristics in the final product.
Precise onsite assembly and the subsequent final testing always performed by our technicians ensured complete customer satisfaction.
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